Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 7 - Feb 13

Mon - 0
Tue - 10 miles w/ Ferenc in Putney OB (30:25 / 26:41)
Wed - 0
Thu - 8 w/ Josh in Putney (no time, easy, grownup conversation)
Fri - 5 miles
Sat - 12 w/ Ferenc (no race, achilles tight, playing it safe)
Sun - 24 miles w/ Josh, Greg, Andy, Boj

Total - 59 miles


  1. Damn. I was thinking to myself that unless you had a huge Sunday, I would have more miles than you this week. That doesn't happen too often, and it didn't happen this week either (tie). Oh well. Hope your achilles is feeling better. See you Wednesday, sounds like it should be great weather.

  2. I think it should be fine. No problems today. Are you back on track on your plan for Boston? See you Wednesday. Really, I will be there.

  3. I started scanning the Valentine results and panicked when I didn't see your name. Then I read your blog. Sounds like a smart move, keeping things in check.