Thursday, February 3, 2011

3000 Meter Prep

Objective : 1 x Mile / 2 x 600 / 2 x 400 / 2 x 400

Recovery : 5 minutes after mile / 30 seconds after reps / 4 minutes after 600 set / 3 minutes after 400 set

Result :

4:27 / 1:35 / 1:36 / 62 / 62 / 62 / 62

Overview : Jess had her final presentation for her Master's work at UVM and wanted me to come along for support. I was more than willing. I am very proud of her. But what the hell would I do for 90 minutes while she was presenting? I figured I would hit the track. A friend that works at the facility hooked me up with a day pass and I got on it. It was fun to do a workout on a track. However, it was only 160 meters and made navigating the turns a bit tough. I aggravated my blisters from last weekend but will be just fine. The workout started out kind of rough but I worked into it. I don't think I warmed up enough and didn't feel good until the quarters. It was a good one and I probably won't run like that until Valentine's. Thanks Terry for the workout!

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