Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 8 - Feb 14

Mon - PM 17 mile straight run (1:42:25).
Tue - AM 3 miles on treadmill (21:00). PM 12 miles (1:19:12)
Wed - 10 miles w/ track workout
Thu- PM 17 mile straight run (1:44:07)
Fri- PM 10 miles (71 minutes)
Sat - AM 17 miles (1:45:32)
Sun - AM 17 miles (2:01:54)
Total- 103 miles

On Sunday I invited some friends over for long run. Greg Hammett, BoJo, Dan Smith (Greater Boston), Peter Najem (just ran 1:50.08 at Valentine), and my new neighbor Micheal Fink (training for a sub 3 hour Vermont City). It was a fairly challenging Putney run but very fun. Afterwards Jess made a bunch of raspberry pancakes with bacon. It was a good morning.


  1. "PM 17 mile straight run (1:42:25)"

    Most people would call that a tempo. Nice run at Northfield Saturday.

  2. A second strong 17, with your "long" run this weekend? You're really putting in some quality running. I'm sure it will pay off big.

  3. That's the plan. I am trying to put everyting I have into VCM.