Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 Mile / 1 Mile / 1 Mile

Objective : 2 x 3 mile

Keenyans : Me and Greg

Recovery : 400 jog

Result :

9:54 / 4:57 / 4:47

Overview : We headed to the Brattleboro track today. We were going to do 2 x 3 mile but modified it in stride. The heat got to me a bit. I liked the effort and am really pleased to get in two solid workouts this week. This is something I should get used to. Now it's time to head over to Greg's house for a Pisgah hike and swim with the dogs.


  1. Nice work out man..looks like the time off played out perfect

  2. Thanks. It was hard not to race this weekend but I think it is paying off. See you Wednesday?

  3. Sweet! Now that summer is here I think we will get more people interested.