Monday, January 25, 2010

BP 16 / ECTC Weekend

Boston Prep 16 Miler:
Jess convinced me late Saturday night to run the BP 16. Initially I wasn't going to be able to race but things opened up. Because the registration was closed I had to contact Dave Breeden (RD) and see if they could squeeze me in. It was there highest turnout but he manged to get me in. When I got there I saw fellow Keenyan, Andy McCarron, and road ace, Pat Moulton. I ran with Pat for about 1.5 miles and had to let him go. He is much stronger than me and had to run solo most of the race, knowing Andy was right behind me waiting for the kill. The course is extremely difficult. It is hard to get into a rhythm because of all the up and downs. My splits ranged from 4:59 (last mile) to 5:55 (mile 11) and I averaged 5:30 for the race. I am glad I went and I feel good about me effort considering it is early on in my cycle. My friend Steve Chabot had a good showing averaging 6:45 pace for the first 10 and busting up at the vertical wall. He was discouraged until he found out that everybody busted up at mile 10/11/12. Andy ran consistent and strong as usual. I wouldn't expect anything else from him.
We also had some other members of our distance project running all over New England. Here are some of the performances:

Boston Prep 16:

Justin Fyffe 1:27:57 (5:30 pace)
Andy McCarron 1:31: 04 (5:42 pace)
Steve Chabot 2:02:20 (7:39 pace)

Greater Boston Invite

1 mile
Mark Miller 4:10

University of Rhode Island Track Meet

1 mile
Greg Hammett 4:28
Bryan Johnston 4:49

800 meter
Greg Hammett 2:06
Bryan Johnston 2:12


  1. Dang! Zippy. Hope you celebrated that with a good brew post.

  2. Justin, great race. I tried that last year and just barely hit 6's. - 1:35:54 (6:00)... that course is no joke. I've run it a couple times as a long run (as it is 10 min. from my town over)... When you take a left onto Drew Road (at about 9-10 miles or so) it is sick... so steep...great course though...very unique race at a great time of year!

    Awesome job busting out 5:30s!!!

  3. just saw this entry- I grew up in Derry and used to do the Boston Prep course for my long run every couple of weeks. It's no joke!