Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 x Mile

Objective: 4 x mile (5 minutes with 400 jog recovery)

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Greg, Mark, Bryan, and James


4:52 /4:52 / 4:50 / 4:45

Overview: Not everyone did the same workout today. Bryan, Mark, and Greg did an 800 with some 400's to follow. They wanted to run fast. James decided he wanted to do 4 x 800. He hit is target times and hovered around 3:00. Good job. Andy and I did 4 x mile and wanted to keep it close to 5 minute pace. Andy was right around there I think (plus or minus a sec). I felt really good about my effort and needed something to get me motivated. Afterwards another fun stop at Armadillos.

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