Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 x 800 / 2 x 400

Objective : 6 x 800 (turned into 3 x 800 / 2 x 400)

Recovery : 400 jog recovery

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Goupil, Boj, and James

Result :

2:15 / 2:17 / 2:12 / 63 / 60

Overview : We wanted to do 6 x 800 but started out too fast. It was necessary to change on the fly to get something good in. I was happy with the workout. I think that Sunday's 25K effort is still lingering deep down and did effect today's session. There was also a dead opossum on one of the turns that we had to hurdle every lap. It was gross. On the cool down I bonked like never before. My face apparently went white and I was swerving back and forth. I did not finish the run. I stumbled to Mark's house and they hooked me up with some chocolate chips and Starbursts. I was greatful. Once Greg came back to pick me up and we headed to Armadillos and got some much need grub. Bonking sucks.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Justin, I know why you bonked so hard yesterday. You just beat the whole state of New York in the 25K. I just looked up the results, and besides you and Greg, there were only 2 other runners not from New York. It was like David and Goliath out there, and the evil empire fell. Good job.