Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 9- Feb 15

Mon- 5 miles
610 feet ascent
9% max grade

Tue- 5 miles w/ Bailey
12 miles solo (6:15 pace)
643 feet ascent
4% max grade

Wed- 5 miles w/ Bailey
9.61 solo (6:33 pace)
689 feet ascent
8% max grade

Thu- Same as Wed (6:27 pace)

Fri- 3.1 miles w/ Bailey
12.4 solo (6:19 pace)
735 feet ascent
4% max grade

Sat- 5 miles w/Bailey
8 solo (6:30 pace)
715 feet ascent
7% max grade

Sun- I went to Erik's house again at 10am. I headed out solo for 4 miles then met back with Erik Kress, Mark Miller, Mary Miller, and Christian. We were all going to head out for 18 miles together and probably stretch out depending how everyone felt. The first part of our run was hovering around 6:30 pace and it felt pretty good. Again, an hour in Mark shared some powerbar gummies and on Elm Street we were off. Mark and I picked up the pace to around 6:00 pace for a few miles. With 3 miles left to go I suggested some "non-conversational running". Mark thought it sounded fun and agreed. We then dropped the pace and hammered a couple of fast miles. Our final 2 mile split was 10:30 with two considerable hills in the way. For me, this was a final confidence booster for the upcoming 50K. The next two weeks are going to be a little less stressful on my legs and more stressful on my mind (trying to stay relaxed and focussed). I will be getting together with Josh Ferenc and Greg Hammett this week for a hill work out Tue and an easier straight run on Wed.

Total- 101.72

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